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MANformation Labs Essential Iron



Refuel and Recharge with MANformation Labs Essential Iron!

The ULTIMATE Science-Backed Iron Supplement

If you’re human, you need iron - especially if exercise is an important part of your life…and even more so if you’re slightly older. Training is tough when your iron levels are low, and iron is critical for carrying oxygen throughout the body and processing energy on a cellular level. 

Without enough iron-binding oxygen encouraging better circulation throughout your muscles and organs, you may feel tired, short of breath, or sore - especially after a workout. Contrary to what many brands may claim, protein shakes among other common supplements will not fix this! 

The problem is, the more we sweat, the more iron we lose.

Obviously, the solution is to up our iron intake. Unfortunately, food alone isn’t usually enough to fill the nutritional gap, which is why we need supplemental assistance.

Meet Essential Iron 

The Supplement You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Unlike traditional ferrous iron products, the Essential Iron with Heme Iron Polypeptide offers 10-23 x the absorption, with fewer side effects - so you can focus on bigger gains. Essential Iron is less likely to cause common digestive side effects as seen with other forms of iron.

1 x capsule of this high-quality supplement provides as much absorbable iron as:

· 12+ oz of steak…

· 172 eggs…

· 17 cups of peanut butter…

…Without having to consume all those calories!

Why Manformation Labs Essential Iron?

· Focus on HIGH absorption backed by science

· At least 8 x greater absorption than non-Heme iron

· Take it anytime, day or night, with or without a meal

We could talk all day about why you should join the 100s of confident men who trust MANformation Labs, but we’d much rather show you. Grab your first bottle today to experience the difference real iron makes.

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Articles of Studies and Clinical Trials

Real-World Efficacy

"Oral HIP can be an effective treatment and an option of choice for both pregnant and non-pregnant women with Iron deficiency anemia"

Iron Absorption from Heme-Iron Polypeptide

"In summary, the absorption of Iron in HIP is far more efficient than iron salt"

Heme Iron for the treatment of Iron deficiency anemia

"HIP was as effective in maintaining Hb concentration in ND-CKD patients as IV iron sucrose over a 6 month period"

Creatine Supplementation

"Seems to produce positive effects on strength, power, fat free mass, daily living performance and neurological function in young and older people"

Post workout supplementation of Creatine

"supplementation with creatine for a period of 4 weeks in recreational bodybuilders may produce superior gains in FFM and strength"

Safety and efficacy of Creatine

"Overall, creatine monohydrate supplements could benefit a number of athletes across a variety of sporting activities or in strength and conditioning training"